The Eternal Dungeon – questions

So, I read The Breaking, which is the first in the Eternal Dungeon series (I believe) and I really liked it (love it- let's be honest here), so I searched for the rest and it seems to be developing in a S/M direction? I mean, I could have guessed it, a bit (The Breaking is pretty gen, with hints), and I am not super comfortable with S/M, D/S relationship dynamics (actually I have a complicated relationship with my issues with these things... which is a post for another time), so f-list, did anyone read it or knows of someone who read it and can tell me a bit more about it? The thing is the writing is excellent, in my opinion, there is something that appeals to me, the characters feel like real people and the progression of the story I careful and thoughtful and makes a lot of sense. It got me hooked, I couldn't put it away.
So, help? Should I buy and read it or should I just stop here? I'm just afraid I could end up hating the rest of it, or parts of it.

The year in books: May

May has been the month of short horror stories for me.
First I read Servants of Darkness by Mark Edward Hall. Which I also enjoyed. It's just the right mix of creepy and haunting. I especially liked 'Bugshot', 'The Nest', 'The manor' and 'The immortal breath of life' (it's a mummy story \o/).
The second book I read was Scraping the Bone by William Malmborg. This one is way more creepy, evil and disturbing. The writing isn't as good as Mr. Hall's, but it has it own bitter charm . I especially enjoyed 'Jacob's gift' (which is a necromancer story), 'The phone call' (so disturbing, you guys <3) and 'Wrong Turn'. Some of these stories deal with (sexual) child abuse, so read at your own risk.

Life-update (update on life)

I'm going to make this in bullet-points, because I like lists and am lazy...

- work is being still great – totally a win and A+ life decision
- writing is being freaking excellent, just finished another 30.000 Batman novella. \o/
- signed up for a few things: dcu_bang (as a writer and artist, because why the hell not?), hd_tropes and also the zombi_fic_ation (did not write a single word for it yet...)
- cat-sitting my sis' monster. I believe cats are evil and I am always on edge when I don't know where she is or what she's doing
- my mom got a new dog...we don't get along that great (the dog and I)
- saw the ne Star Trek. I love it so much. SO MUCH <3 hoping Man of Steel will be good too
- planing a trip to IKEA – I need to redo my home, that I call 'house of moving furniture'
- will write my book-rec thingy this Friday, which is soooo late you guys, but it will be all about horror
- also it just hit me that I will never ever hear a new MCR song...WTF!? I am blaming FOB and 30StM.

The year in books: April

I promised you gay-romance and I well damn will give you gay-romance. *nods *
I admit it's all short/novella length stuff, but what will you do? Time to read is short right now :).

Language Lessons by Jay Bell
I read some stuff by Jay Bell already and even I am not the biggest fan of his style, I do enjoy the stories. This one is a short summer story about boys falling in love. It's something you should read when you need something to pick you up after a bad day.
See right through by Sara Winters
I've never read anything by Sara Winters before, but I think I will in the future. I quite like her writing style and even if I found the ending a bit mushy and too sweet, I did enjoy this story a lot. I liked all the characters which is so rare. It's also a story about boys falling in love – normal boys. Boys next door.
Seduction by Lou Harper
This one is pretty much a plotty pwp with light bondage, but it wasn't bad. Still don't think I will read anything else by the author.

AND...there was also horror, because in my life there is always horror :)
Specimen 313 by Jeff Strand
I really liked this one. It's about flesh eating plants with feelings. <3. I do like plants more than animals (or people /o\). It's also told from the plant's pov. Pretty funny and unique.
The yellow wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Yes, that one that was mentioned in American Horror Story :). It's about a woman slowly going crazy and it's a kind of horror that creeps up on you and leaves you with an uneasy feeling. Go and read it.
The boy in the lot by Roland Malfi
This one is a prologue/companion piece to the main novel, which I will pretty much buy as soon as I have more time to actually read it. It reminds me a bit of a good Supernatural case episode. :) The writing is to my liking and the feel and rhythm of the story too.

All these stories are/were free kinlde e-books.

The year in books: March

Oh man, so super late for this and no gay-novels either. But I am still trying to figure out how to be a real person with a real eight hour a day job and get my writing and reading done like I used to.
Soooo. This month: Graphic novels. Because that is all I was reading except for fanfiction.
There is a lot of Batman related stuff here.
Earth One by Gary Frank und Geoff Johns
Available in German and English.
Earth One is a new take on the whole how Bruce became Batman thing and (un)surprisingly gritty. I like the 'real' feel to the storyline and the dark and sharp lines of the art. It has almost a Nolan-movies feel to it and so I would recommend it to anyone who liked the movies. Especially Batman Begins.
Red Hood and the Outlaws by Kenneth Rocafort and Scott Lobdell
Available in Englisch and German (soon)
I think you'll need a bit of background on Red Hood (or you can just read the entry on Batman-wiki) to enjoy this one, but it's worth it. I find it pretty funny and entertaining, but then I have a thing for Jason. And the art is really, really beautiful. At least from issue 1 to 10. Kenneth Rocafort knows how to make a girl's heart beat faster and I have to say I am sad to see him go from this series, because OMG so pretty.
Batman: The Court of Owls by Greg Capulloand and Scott Snyder
Available in German and English.
I think Court of Owls is pretty much the perfect book to start with if you are new to the whole Batman thing. It's a solid enough story and the art is pretty good too. I recommend to read Nightwing: Traps and Trapezes parallel to it. It's not super necessary, but it gives the story more depth. Court of Owls and Traps and Trapezes are both pretty dark and gritty and a bit messed up – especially the part about the Circus' secrets. (But that could probably be just me, because things like that just don't sit right with me).
Der schreckliche Papst by Theo and Alejandro Jodorowsky
Available (as far as I know) in German only.
This one is a story about the Vatican in 15th century. The backstabbing, the murder, the sins. Lots of intrigues, (gay) sex and madness. It's a very gripping read. Basically it's a story about the early Vatican-crime syndicates. The art is very beautiful and detailed. Graphic too – not yaoi manga graphic, but naked people having sex isn't uncommon. It could be disturbing for some readers, but I don't think any of you would have a problem with it :). Two issues are out now.
As always there is more I read, but that has to do for now and also as always I am willing to discuss and answer questions.