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The year in books: January

Okay, I was thinking hard about what to start this review thing with and then I thought what-the-hell-ever. Let's start with sex.
So, this one is about the last three sex novels I read. I don't usually read pwp novels, and now I remembered why again. I prefer 70% more story.

1: Double time by Olivia Cunning. Available only in English so far.
This is a pwp kind of book, but it's also one of these rare poly M/F/M finds in which people try to make shit work.
It has boys in bands and bi-sexual people and awesome brothers. (it's like reading a bandom novel).
Things I liked about it:
Trey and his brother Dare (awesome boys being brotherly)
the fact that Trey is bi-sexual and the author doesn't gloss over it
that Reagan also ships Dare/Trey...
lots of oral
it's hilarious in places
People are fucking all the time in different combination, but the sex is mostly hot (imo) and I like how it's written.
On the downside: people are fucking all the time in different combinations. It's written porn and that doesn't leave much room for character or story development.
It's book five of five, but I had no trouble following it (it's written porn guys). And I wouldn't be interested in the rest of the series anyway. Because the rest is pretty much written het-porn.

2: Mach's mir: zu dritt by Lilli Wolfram.
Available in German only.
This is a book of ten short stories which should be about threesomes, because that is what the title implies, but not one of these was to my taste. Out of ten not one. Let that sink in.
They are horribly written and the sex is mostly about guys bending girls over and fucking them from behind. Also the threesomes aren't threesomes but moresomes, orgies, partner-swaps and so on.
I secretly think the pen-name is a lie and this thing was written by a guy. This book does nothing for me.
Don't waste your money, if someone wants to read it, leave a comment, I'll get back to you.

3: A strong hand by Catt Ford.
Available in German and English.
I read it mostly because I got it for free and I liked the cover.
And this book was a big freaking surprise.
This is a loving, S/M-D/S, monogamous, gay first love story. Believe it or not. There is also a lot of spanking. And it has age-difference...
The characters are likeable, funny, artistic and feel real.
I am a person, and you know that, that is not comfortable with bondage, S/M, D/S etc. But this novel takes you by your hand (like the protagonist Nick) and helps you find your way around that playground. You won't like everything in this book (I didn't, I was uncomfortable with some things,mostly with the same things Nick was uncomfortable with too \o/), but it might surprise what you would probably give a chance under the right circumstances.
I recommend this one even for people who aren't into bondage.

And next month: Gay-romance. Or horror.
Also: what does a girl need to do to get some poly-romance around here?! You are free to rec me stuff.
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