March 26th, 2013


Life update

I don't do these often enough.
So what's been happening in my life the last few...months? Not much, but it got crazy the last few weeks.
Some of you (those I write/spam with e-mails way too often) know that I was applying for a new job and nothing really worked out. So I got frustrated and a bit depressed. Then there was also family drama which is never fun. So basically life has been sucky for a while.
And then K. wrote that FOB are playing a show in Berlin and that she's hellbend on getting tickets and I MUST come, because we've seen their farewell/hiatus tour thingy back in the day in Berlin too. So I sad fuck it all, applied for few more jobs and went to Berlin for 4 days.
The show has been one of the best I've ever been too. K. says Patrick Stump is lovely in person – I did not stick around because I'm with mister Stump on the 'never meet your heroes' thing. I did stare for at least two songs at him creepily...handsome just doesn't cut it when it comes to Patrick Stumps. Radiant and shiny are more like it. :)
Berlin was really fun and I had the most amazing time with l_niania – first time meeting a fangirl in real life – who was a great tourguide and let me stay at her place, eat her food, steal her internet and set her bathroom under water (in my defence she does not believe in shower curtains...). We spent a lot of time talking and eating and spending time outside and her kitchen. Have pictures. \o/
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So I came back from Berlin and my mailbox/answering machine was exploding. People called back and I went to a few interviews, had some training days and have now two amazing jobs.
One for the fun (on Saturdays – it does not pay the rent. AT ALL.) in a shop for women over 50 (clothes)...still most fun I ever had on a job. And the second, the one that does pay the rent, is an office job for a small internet firm. Learning so much stuff every day and the bosses (guys just a few years older than me) offered to drive me to work. So nice.
I am working really long hours now and spend my free time in the evening catching up on shows and answering emails...and reading comics.
Still it feels so good to be working again. \o/
However I wasn't able to/ had no time/was just lazy and didn't fix my shower. The shower-head is broken. I need a new one and because I know me, I told my sis she could buy it for my birthday. It's next month anyway. (hint, hint, hint...)