April 30th, 2013


The year in books: April

I promised you gay-romance and I well damn will give you gay-romance. *nods *
I admit it's all short/novella length stuff, but what will you do? Time to read is short right now :).

Language Lessons by Jay Bell
I read some stuff by Jay Bell already and even I am not the biggest fan of his style, I do enjoy the stories. This one is a short summer story about boys falling in love. It's something you should read when you need something to pick you up after a bad day.
See right through by Sara Winters
I've never read anything by Sara Winters before, but I think I will in the future. I quite like her writing style and even if I found the ending a bit mushy and too sweet, I did enjoy this story a lot. I liked all the characters which is so rare. It's also a story about boys falling in love – normal boys. Boys next door.
Seduction by Lou Harper
This one is pretty much a plotty pwp with light bondage, but it wasn't bad. Still don't think I will read anything else by the author.

AND...there was also horror, because in my life there is always horror :)
Specimen 313 by Jeff Strand
I really liked this one. It's about flesh eating plants with feelings. <3. I do like plants more than animals (or people /o\). It's also told from the plant's pov. Pretty funny and unique.
The yellow wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Yes, that one that was mentioned in American Horror Story :). It's about a woman slowly going crazy and it's a kind of horror that creeps up on you and leaves you with an uneasy feeling. Go and read it.
The boy in the lot by Roland Malfi
This one is a prologue/companion piece to the main novel, which I will pretty much buy as soon as I have more time to actually read it. It reminds me a bit of a good Supernatural case episode. :) The writing is to my liking and the feel and rhythm of the story too.

All these stories are/were free kinlde e-books.