May 27th, 2013


Life-update (update on life)

I'm going to make this in bullet-points, because I like lists and am lazy...

- work is being still great – totally a win and A+ life decision
- writing is being freaking excellent, just finished another 30.000 Batman novella. \o/
- signed up for a few things: dcu_bang (as a writer and artist, because why the hell not?), hd_tropes and also the zombi_fic_ation (did not write a single word for it yet...)
- cat-sitting my sis' monster. I believe cats are evil and I am always on edge when I don't know where she is or what she's doing
- my mom got a new dog...we don't get along that great (the dog and I)
- saw the ne Star Trek. I love it so much. SO MUCH <3 hoping Man of Steel will be good too
- planing a trip to IKEA – I need to redo my home, that I call 'house of moving furniture'
- will write my book-rec thingy this Friday, which is soooo late you guys, but it will be all about horror
- also it just hit me that I will never ever hear a new MCR song...WTF!? I am blaming FOB and 30StM.