May 31st, 2013


The year in books: May

May has been the month of short horror stories for me.
First I read Servants of Darkness by Mark Edward Hall. Which I also enjoyed. It's just the right mix of creepy and haunting. I especially liked 'Bugshot', 'The Nest', 'The manor' and 'The immortal breath of life' (it's a mummy story \o/).
The second book I read was Scraping the Bone by William Malmborg. This one is way more creepy, evil and disturbing. The writing isn't as good as Mr. Hall's, but it has it own bitter charm . I especially enjoyed 'Jacob's gift' (which is a necromancer story), 'The phone call' (so disturbing, you guys <3) and 'Wrong Turn'. Some of these stories deal with (sexual) child abuse, so read at your own risk.