June 2nd, 2013


The Eternal Dungeon – questions

So, I read The Breaking, which is the first in the Eternal Dungeon series (I believe) and I really liked it (love it- let's be honest here), so I searched for the rest and it seems to be developing in a S/M direction? I mean, I could have guessed it, a bit (The Breaking is pretty gen, with hints), and I am not super comfortable with S/M, D/S relationship dynamics (actually I have a complicated relationship with my issues with these things... which is a post for another time), so f-list, did anyone read it or knows of someone who read it and can tell me a bit more about it? The thing is the writing is excellent, in my opinion, there is something that appeals to me, the characters feel like real people and the progression of the story I careful and thoughtful and makes a lot of sense. It got me hooked, I couldn't put it away.
So, help? Should I buy and read it or should I just stop here? I'm just afraid I could end up hating the rest of it, or parts of it.