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One year of creepy and delicious stuff!

Well, can you believe this journal is one year old? (OH how fast they grow up…*tearysmile*)

I sure as hell forgot…yes, I know! How could I? *shakeshead* I started creepylicious last year in February and honestly didn’t think it would be still alive this year…but now my baby is one year old. Oh, I’m so proud. And look how beautiful it turned out!

I want to thank Maru and Katha because they made me start one, my sister because of this wonderful layout, Marina…well because she puts up with me (and followed my lj-madness) an all the lovely communities because they all so nice and helpful. (Does this sound very official now? Hmm…whatever…) *bows*

I have some new and shinny things up my sleeve to celebrate this month: new categories I’m sure you will enjoy, new pictures, photos and lots of madness…not just the bunny –kind. *laughs*

Let’s start with my latest self-portrait, shall we?

  Okay, I admit it does look like a gothic-magazine-cover (maybe I should start one…) but my nose looks so great in this picture…*laughs*
Tags: flash flash photography, random madness

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