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Artists are insane.

And I have to admit…sadly…that I’m not an exception. I don’t even have the words for this…oh my pink bunnies…where are you? (Not that they could save me…I would just feel better with them around.)

Whatever. I read DDG and I loved and -still do- Eustace the undead cannibal slug. (God help us all.) I honestly didn’t think something could EVER top the sea monster from chapter one but the slug does. All rights are with Maya ( but the picture is mine (HARHARHAR).

I even went through the trouble of researching slug-anatomy. (I’m soooo doomed. *sighs*)

By the way: Someone remembers Cyril the toaster? (I DO.) He’s next on my list. (I’m seeing…myself researching toaster-anatomy in my near future.)

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